Do you love the feeling of a thousand little fairies dancing around you? Then you definitely shouldn’t miss our great whirlpool! From 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. you can let your worries float away in this bubbling oasis of relaxation. Don’t worry, you won’t find any mermaids or sea monsters in there! So, hop in, sit back and enjoy the bubbly fun!

We have bathrobes and bath towels. If you want to protect your feet, we recommend bringing your own flip flops. Unfortunately we don’t have these for environmental reasons.

Finnish sauna

Our Finnish sauna is at your disposal – a place to relax, sweat, and let all your worries melt away. At a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius, you’re sure to break a sweat. In the winter, the sauna opens from 4:00 PM onwards so you can enjoy the comforting heat after a chilly day. In the summer, the sauna is available upon request, ensuring that you can experience the warmth even in hot weather. Come and visit us, and leave the everyday behind. Your journey to ultimate relaxation starts here, in our Finnish sauna!

Bio sauna

Our sauna is set to a comfortable 45 degrees Celsius to give you a comfortable sauna experience. In winter it is ready for you from 4 p.m. so that you can enjoy the soothing warmth after a cold day. In summer we open the sauna upon request to ensure that you have the opportunity to experience a sauna session even in warm weather. Come by and leave everyday life behind you. We look forward to offering you a relaxing sauna experience.

Steam bath

Our steam bath is quite versatile and has a great sense of timing: it’s available for you from 4:00 pm onwards during winter, allowing you to warm up and forget about the chilly weather outside. In the summer, we like to keep it on stand-by, ready to spring into action at your request. After all, we understand that during those hot summer days, you might prefer a cooler atmosphere.
So, whether you want to melt away the winter frost or take a refreshing break from the summer sun, our steam bath is here to indulge you. Just let us know when you’re ready to experience the steamy goodness, and we’ll make sure it’s all fired up and ready to go. And don’t worry, we promise not to turn you into a snowman or grill you – unless, of course, it’s a special request!

+41 27 967 10 10
(7am – 10pm)

Kirchstrasse 38
3920 Zermatt