Our lounge

The lounge is your personal time-out area to escape the madness of everyday life. Here you can lounge by the fireplace and enjoy the fine luxury of a lazy break. Get together with your favorite buddies to hatch your plans for world domination – or just to enjoy some ’smart‘ drinks. And don’t forget to pick up a book to sit back and ignite your imagination. In short, the lounge is the place where time to live is really fun!


Join our hotel lounge, where „boozy“ ideas turn into moments of pure enjoyment! Relax and unwind as you end your day in a cozy atmosphere, sipping on a refreshing drink at our bar. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not a crazy idea – it’s the perfect excuse to raise a glass and forget about the everyday grind for a while. So grab a seat, kick back, and let’s have a great time together! Cheers!

+41 27 967 10 10
(7am – 10pm)

Kirchstrasse 38
3920 Zermatt